Smart Women Choose This Over Sex

woman on phoneShe's happy!My BlackBerry is an important part of my life. We go everywhere together, and at night, we sleep together. He's kind of like my boyfriend, only he doesn't mind chatting with my mom or reading Twitter over dinner. So when a new study by TeleNav was released that said 70 percent of women would rather go one week without sex than go one week without their phone, I was all, uh, no doi ass wipes.

Are you kidding me? Challenge me next time.


If you want to see what I'd give up for a week in order to keep my beloved BlackBerry, sex certainly was not it. Food, water, shelter, clothing, and Internet are the only things that would be a priority over my cell ... pretty much everything else comes in second to the old ball and chain. And by ball and chain, I mean my phone, of course.

Going without sex for a week is simple, for me at least. Going without a phone would be a total hassle and a half. First of all, how would I coordinate me lays if I don't have me phone, and second of all, if worse came to worse, like I ate 1,000,000,000 oysters and guzzled them all down with 80 gallons of red wine and I just had to get some action, pretty sure my BlackBerry vibrates. Problem solved.

If this study is supposed to make us think with one hand on hip, one hand in air with finger wagging: "Wow! Women's priorities are so messed up! What is the world coming to?" then to that I say a ripe old "pshaw."

We women are smart, practical people. Of course we'd rather give up sex for a week than our phones. I have no idea what the 30 percent were thinking when they said they'd prefer to lose their phone for a week over losing sex -- maybe they didn't understand the question? maybe they're trying to get pregnant? -- but man alive, see ya later sexy time, my phone and I are going to go get some work done, make some calls, meet up with friends, and have a damn good seven days without you.

So -- which would you rather give up for a week: Sex or cellphone?

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