Hotel Offers Free Room in Exchange for Your Sex Tape

I'm not daring enough to broadcast my sex life for the entire world to watch, but if I were, I know where I'd be heading on my next vacation. Porn mogul Berth Milton Jr.'s proposed line of sex hotels! The man thinks he's as brilliant and revolutionary as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates because his sex hotel chain will change hotel sex forever.

It's an innovative idea, especially in an age where porn is losing money, and anyone can be a porn "star". And there's definitely a market here, from exhibitionists to couples who like to travel but may have been hit by bad financial times. It'll be easy to get a free room in one of these hotels, as long as you're willing to have sex in it. The catch? The sexy times you have in it will be broadcast over the Internet for the whole world to watch

The idea is genius, and it's also a little bit crazy. 


Still, this could be extremely lucrative. Berth believes offering free hotel rooms will pay off for him in the long run, and I have to agree, he's on to something here. He estimates that the website (where hotel guests' sex will be posted) will produce upwards of $43.8 million a year in subscription fees. 

The site would be hot to watch. Real couples, real vacation sex (which is, for a lot of us, the best sex we have, since it's away from the ho-hum of everyday affairs) is a perfect combination for steaminess. Like chat roulette and other Internet oddities, it'd be difficult not to want to check it out. The hotel will cater to both exhibitionists and ordinary couples looking for an out of the ordinary experience. It's the perfect opportunity to travel for less and be seen by more.

And it's one sure way to spice up your sex life.Think about it, especially if you've always wanted to make a home sex movie, but didn't have the proper equipment. Now, the cameras are already in place, and all you have to do is show off your good time. You can use fake names and wigs if you want, and if anyone you know recognizes you, who cares? The fact is, they're watching you, so they're the ones who aren't going to bring it up at your next dinner party or play date. And if they do, so what? Odds are they're interested in doing it too, or curious as to why you did it, so let the conversation begin! 

Would you stay for free at a hotel if all you had to do was broadcast your sex life? 

Image via Mr. Littlehand/Flickr

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