Three Months Is Too Soon to Get Remarried After Divorce

Mark-Paul Gosselaar -- Zack from Saved by the Bell -- finalized his divorce from his wife of 14 years just this past May, but he is already engaged again, this time to a beautiful, blonde advertising executive. And while it's certainly great that he has found love again, it seems like three months is an awfully short amount of time to wait before getting engaged to another woman.

Marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment, right? Gosselaar is far from the first person to ever jump back into one so quickly, but when a marriage fails, there has to be a bit of grief, right? On both sides.

Even when you're the one who ends the relationship, there still needs to be a bit of single time to mourn, reflect, and learn from the mistakes in the first marriage. It's all part of the process of not repeating them. This is especially true when there are kids involved.


Unless the other person was the reason the marriage ended (which is a whole other post), it seems dating and such should wait until after the family has healed a bit. A breakup is hard on the two adults doing it, especially after more than a decade, but on the kids, it can be life-altering and devastating. Isn't that reason enough to cool it on the dating front?

Gosselaar's children are young and maybe he wants them to have a family again. That is a lovely and sweet sentiment, but for the kids, it would probably be nicer to have some time to adjust, grieve, and get used to the idea of their family being apart and THEN start in with the new spouse.

It just seems like a surefire way to start building resentment. One year, two years, or even a bit longer down the line, sure he could and should get remarried if that's what he wants, but three months? It just seems like he is moving way too fast.

Do you think there is a good time to wait after divorce?


Image via Denise Cross/Flickr

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