Dancing Carrot Proposal Is Too Sweet to Deny (VIDEO)

carrot proposalI would say I'm totally against public proposals. I would also say that I'm more than just a little against vegetables, too. But when you combine the two, it's weird: Turns out I'm all for the marriage of public proposals and veggies! I mean, who could resist a man who dresses up as a carrot, makes 48 of his friends do the same, then proposes to his girlfriend in front of a gathering crowd that chants, "Marry him! Marry him!"?

Only someone with a severe carrot allergy could hate on this guy and his wacky idea. He said he did it because his girlfriend really likes the color orange. How could you not root for this man? (See what I did there.)

So, did she say yes?


No doi. His love can't be beet. She doesn't carrot all what he spent, probably. Lettuce rejoice in their love and hope that someday love will turnip for us, too!

Phew, that was hard.

Anyway, it cost the doting boyfriend three weeks of his time and 15,000 of his dollars to pull off the crazy stunt on China's Valentine's Day in the center of the city Qingdao.

I have a feeling this couple is never going to live down this outrageous proposal, so I hope they own up to it and serve carrot juice at the wedding and have a carrot cake. Maybe the best men could re-use their proposal outfits and wear the carrot costumes again, and maybe the bride's bouquet could be made out of celery. You know, just to be ironic.

I know a bunch of you are reading this thinking, "Dang! My proposal idea's been stolen!" but fear not. I'm sure there are a ton of other fun-loving salad ingredients you could dress up as to surprise your girlfriend.

Proposals should be memorable and heartfelt, and I think this one thoroughly covers both bases. The carrots have made me a convert to public vegetable proposals and a believer in love. I'm really glad I stumbled upon this video, orange-you?

What do you think?

WATCH the Today Show's story on the carrot proposal:

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