Kim Kardashian's Honeymoon Decision Is Smarter Than It Sounds

kim kardashian kris humphriesKim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' upcoming August 20 wedding is probably the hottest ticket of the summer, but get this -- neither of 'em has tickets to a honeymoon afterward! That's right, Queen Kim confessed at the Teen Choice Awards that they won't be honeymooning after they say "I do." She said they're not "going to have time for one right away." Apparently, she and Kourtney are headed to NY (for business? TV reasons?), so jet-setting to a tropical or European destination is out of the question for the new Mrs. Humphries and the hubs.

Whoa! Who would have thunk it, right?? I know I was definitely prepared to hear that they were heading to Maldives, the South of France, Fiji, or something like that. And come on -- considering Kim's packed work sched, and Kris's upcoming NBA season, when's the next time they're actually going to have the chance to go somewhere?


I used to think that having a honeymoon immediately following your wedding was the ULTIMATE. And also that it made the most sense. It seems like the best opportunity to say, "Hey, I just got hitched -- gimme a couple of weeks off to go somewhere lush and romantic!" -- because people expect you to be going away. They'd almost find it bizarre if you didn't take advantage of the conventional honeymoon time period. So if that's what everyone thinks, why not take advantage? 

Well, I realized something -- maybe thanks to Kim and Kris! Or maybe to my parents, who went on a honeymoon to New Orleans directly following their late October wedding, only to have to contend with super-crappy weather. They actually ended up going on a second one -- a trip to Europe -- to make up for it the next year! And that's that sometimes the "directly-after" trip doesn't work for a couple. It could just be smarter to tailor the timing to your own personal calendar. Because maybe it's more affordable for a couple to go several months later, or maybe they just can't get the time off of work (even though you'd think most bosses would be like, "Go! Go! You only get married once ... hopefully!"). It doesn't actually matter WHEN you go on your honeymoon -- but you should definitely get one. Everyone deserves a romantic trip after all that wedding planning/wedding hullabaloo -- even if it's within driving distance or a couple of years post-"I do."

And you know, I'm pretty sure we don't have to feel bad for Kim and Kris. They'll surely enjoy some world-class vacay together at some point, sooner or later. With a little luck, we'll even get some Keeping Up footage of it. (You KNOW that's happening!)

What do you think about not having a honeymoon right after your wedding?

Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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