Jennifer Love Hewitt Geniusly Uses 'Bachelorette' as Free Dating Service

Jennifer Love Hewitt Ben Flajnik
Jennifer Love Hewitt and 'Bachelorette' star Ben Flajnik
Jennifer Love Hewitt may have just had the smartest single gal idea ever! Basically, she let ABC do the work of finding a bunch of hot, available, non-criminal, employed men for this season of its show The Bachelorette. Then, from the comfort of her home, she got to know the guys week after week on the show, watching how they acted in sticky situations and romantic situations and seeing if they were the jealous, angry, or whiny types. She even met the families of the finalists and got a bird's-eye view of their taste in engagement rings. Oh yeah.

And then lo and behold -- this is the crazy smart part -- Ms. Love Hewitt waited and watched while Bachelorette Ashley Hebert totally broke the heart of hottie sweetie Ben Flajnik, who then left the show, no doubt, feeling very vulnerable -- and that's when Jennifer swooped in. Genius!


Here's a timeline of Jennifer Love Hewitt's master plan to catch a man:

On July 26, JLH tweeted:

Watching the bachelorette! I love u Ben c!! Take this rose I have for u! Choose me!!!!:)

Oops Ben f!!! I'm so flustered I typed the wrong initial!! Lol!!

On August 1, JLH tweeted:

Omg! Ben f except my final rose !!! I love that ring. Neil lane u rock!! Happy for Ashley.... Gotta book a flight to Sonoma !!!:):)

And then Jennifer used her star power to enlist the help of her Twitter fans and followers:

Let's get Ben f to be a lovely! Do I can give him twugs and twisses!!!:)

By August 2, Jennifer Love Hewitt's work was done:

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh Ben f is following me!!!!! You lovelys are the best!!!!:):) sending a million roses to u guys too

It gets better! Today it's being reported that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ben Flajnik were seen out on a date in a San Francisco restaurant. The rumors even say there was "making out" involved!

Damn, girl. You totally can't spell when you're tweeting, but you are super smart when it comes to catching a hottie. You should teach classes.

Do you think Jennifer Love Hewitt is a genius to use ABC for a dating service like this?


Images via CBS and ABC

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