Arnold Schwarzenegger Proves He’s the Worst Ex in the World

arnold schwarzeneggerYou know who I've never liked? Arnold Schwarzenegger. I never liked his movies. I never liked his stupid accent. And I really didn't like it when he was my governator when I resided in sunny L.A. Then when I heard he cheated on his lovely wife, Maria Shriver, I liked him even less. I figured I was tapped out at that point. At the bottom of the barrel. There really wasn't anywhere else to go with my complete and total disdain for the man. Until now.

Arnold actually had the audacity, the moxy, the ... balls to step out in the most offensive shirt ever to Maria. I promise you, you've never seen anything this messed up. 


He was walking around in a t-shirt that said, "I Survived Maria 1977-2010." Is he mental??? What would possess someone -- especially him, the lyin', cheatin' bastard -- to wear such a thing? So tacky, so declasse, so Arnold.

It's my opinion -- and you don't have to agree with it -- that it's never a good idea to trash your ex. Particularly when your ex is someone you betrayed a million times over, but even when you're the betrayee.

In short, it's just not a good look for anyone. It makes you seem petty, and childish, and worst of all, totally not over the person. Haven't you heard, the opposite of love is apathy, not hate?

So from that theory, I can deduce that Arnold isn't over Maria -- and that's fine, he shouldn't be. She seems like a great catch, and he's hard-pressed to find someone better. But perhaps he should look into expressing his emotions in another manner. Because this is just plain gross.

How tacky is this?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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