Know Thy Neighbor: She Might Just Be a Porn Star

sun chair with dressThe era of paying for porn is pretty much over. Just last week, the Wall Street Journal declared "Porn Isn't Selling Like It Used To" but it's still being watched more than ever.

Which leads me to the seemingly obvious question: If people aren't paying for porn, who's making the porn that people aren't paying to watch? The answer -- the people that have children that go to school with your children. The woman that runs next to you at the gym. Maybe even your babysitter. So, next time you're on the treadmill, ask yourself this -- do you really know thy neighbor


Think of it this way. Your husband could be masturbating to your next door neighbor and not even know it. She may be a PTA mom and teacher, but whoever she is, the odds are getting higher that more neighbors are watching each other have sex, especially as the amount of time people spend online looking at porn is on the up and up. Pornography viewing time has risen by 26 percent since 2008, and more demand means more supply. As free porn sites become even more popular, you never know who you'll see doing whom online. Just hope it's not someone you know!

The thing that still scares me most is how far people will go in porn these days. Andy Warhol said we'd all have our 15 minutes, and that was before the Internet extended those 15 minutes into a lifetime. Now that everybody can be famous, the best way to get truly noticed is by doing crazy things.

What would you do if you found out your neighbor was a porn star?

 Image via adamsofen/Flickr

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