Kate Gosselin Isn't Really Willing to Find Love

kate gosselinKate Gosselin was on the TODAY show this morning, promoting the new season of Kate Plus 8 and being super-candid about her personal life (which I guess is her job, being that she's a reality star). She told Ann Curry that her kids are practically "begging her to remarry" on a daily basis. But, poor Kate! Her chances of getting there are kinda slim.

Even though she says she is ready to start dating, and she wants her best friends to round up eligible bachelors for her, she admits she's got lots of obstacles. She's not your average dating mom, you know. And we're not just talking about the fact that she has eight kids! It's more about her being a pseudo-celebrity ... the reality TV show cameras following her around 24/7/365 and the fact that she claims the show will go on "as long as people are watching" ... which could mean YEARS!

Therein lies a problem Kate's actually making for herself.


If she was really ready to start dating or she had any real desire to get remarried, you'd think she'd make some sacrifices with this show that exploits not only her children's lives, but her own personal life.

I'm not just pointing the finger at Kate. Everyone has to make sacrifices -- big and/or small -- to find and seal the deal on love. I think the only area that is out of the question when it comes to what you shouldn't give up is whatever is central to being true to yourself. For example, if a guy wants Little Susie Homemaker, and you're a busy businesswoman, then he's not the guy for you. You shouldn't have to change who you are for anyone. But say you sleep with your iPhone under your pillow, and your guy just wants some one-on-one time, well, then maybe it's time to rethink that aspect of your lifestyle ... or else find yourself in bed with ONLY the "buzz" of your email notifications.

I also tend to subscribe to certain theories of Patti Stanger's (the Millionaire Matchmaker herself, who, come to think of it, would be an extremely valuable asset to Kate!). She says that even before a guy is in the picture, you gotta set the stage for him to come into your life. You have to prioritize love. Some women think they can be all about hookups up until The One just happens to appear. But all that no strings stuff is nothing more than a great big distraction, and it really prevents the Universe from leading you in the right direction.

Similarly, by allowing the cameras to run her life, Kate's closing herself off from finding love. She can't truly be ready to date or meet the right man, if her priority is fame and money over what's best for her and her family's life.

Do you agree you have to make sacrifices to find love? What do you think about Kate's situation?


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