Happy Birthday, Mr. President! I Have a Crush on You

Obama birthdayI remember the first time I saw him. He was standing in a crowd somewhere in Chicago, looking tall and stately with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He seemed so down-to-earth and personable, I smiled just looking at him smiling.

I’d heard of him before — you don’t just gloss over a name like Barack Obama — but watching the clip of him matched a face to the name. Anybody who’s a community organizer with a grin like that is lining himself up to be my next crush.

I’ve had the googly eyes for our President ever since.

So on this, his 50th birthday, I’m giving him a happy born day shout-out and — if I may be so bold, Michelle — a fist-bump for being so darn handsome and making five decades look so darn good. I’m nowhere close to it myself (and in no rush to get there, neither), but it’s nice to know that when I am, there’ll be men that look like President Obama. 


It’s not like we’ve had a lot of Commanders in Chief who’ve even come close to being sexy. Martin Van Buren? Yikes. William McKinley? I’ll pass. I don’t even get the big brouhaha over John F. Kennedy. Better than most, that’s for sure — I mean, when you’re up against Abraham Lincoln, you’re kind of hard-pressed not to come out on top — but still not the heartthrob swooning citizens made him out to be. But when the 44th prez got elected, he made the Oval Office look good.

I used to watch a Jets game or a show on HBO for a little eye candy. Now I just tune into the State of the Union address.

It’s not even that he’s just visually appealing. President Obama’s got swagger. (I said I was going to stop using that word but dangit, I haven’t found a new one to replace it yet, so until then, ‘swagger’ it is.) He’s got that signature black man diddy bop that brings all the girls to the yard. When he steps off Air Force One, it’s all movie star, baby. There have been some real duds to get off that thing — most notably his immediate predecessor — but Barack makes it look like a red carpet stroll. Swoon.

Aside from the fact that he’s cute, he has genuinely impressed me with his grace, intelligence, and humility. How often do you hear a politician admit they made a mistake? They’ll work their aides and representatives overtime trying to come up with the perfect sentence that just barely stops short of an admission of wrongdoing without actually coming out and saying that whatever they did was not the right thing to do. The fact that he’s done it makes me applaud him. The way he handles what is, to me anyway, an unfathomable amount of pressure and stress makes me applaud even harder.

He made history as the first black man elected, of course. But it couldn’t have been just any ol’ black man. Heck, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were both toying with presidential candidacy and I’ve got to tell you, even though I wasn’t old enough to vote for the former, I wouldn’t have even if could. Just because somebody looks like you doesn’t mean they deserve your vote.

That was the misconception a lot of folks had about the 2008 race, that just because Barack was black we colored people were falling over ourselves to vote for him. No, we fell over ourselves to vote — and volunteer and campaign and solicit and flyer-push — for him because of the kind of man that he is. We’ve never had that before in a presidential candidate.

And that’s another reason why he’s high up on my crush hit list. Right between Hines Ward and Mos Def. It’s a short list, but a quality one nonetheless. (See? I didn’t even mention Idris Elba this time. Oops.)

So with this 50th year of wonderful life, I hope my President enjoys his party and shakes off the haters who criticize ... oh geez. What doesn’t that man get criticized about? But he just flashes that cutie pie smile and outshines them every time. And I stand by on the sidelines like a schoolgirl watching the star on the debate team (because I’ve always had a thing for both bad boys and slightly nerdy guys) and practice my fist-bump, just in case I ever get a chance to connect it to those beautiful, golden knuckles.

True or false: Isn’t Barack Obama the hottest politician in the game?

Image via jamesomalley/Flickr

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