Amazing Display of Post-Its Sends Powerful Message of Love (VIDEO)

power of loveCeline Dion taught me all about the power of love, but there's always a little more room in the old heart for a refresher course. Our lesson today comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil where 350,000 colored Post-it notes, most covered with heart-felt, personal messages of love, are flapping in the cool winter breeze.

No, it's not a set for a Staples commercial, or a cult's demand for a sequel to Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, rather it's an inspiring expression of amor.


Brazilian plastic footwear company Melissa wanted to create an amazing art exhibit for the opening of their new flagship store and collaborated with 3M, 25 animators, 350,000 Post-its, and 30,000 local residents.

The residents came in for the love-note portion. The tens of thousands who stopped by the exhibit scribbled love notes on the Post-its that were incorporated into the art project. The project took five months to complete, and the result is pretty cool.

Using time-lapse video and stop-motion technology, you can watch a wall transform into a giant symbol of adoration, devotion, passion, tenderness, and yearning. I think the famous question posed by the Black Eyed Peas -- "Where is the love?" -- can finally be answered.

It's in Brazil on Post-its.

I don't want to get all Sappies McGees on you here, but I love projects like this where the community gets involved for a feel-good cause. It just seems good for the soul, doesn't it? I think you'll agree after watching the video.

Now whether or not Melissa's plastic shoes are good for the sole or the soul, that remains to be seen.

WATCH shoe store Galeria Melissa morph into an emblem of love:

Photo via YouTube

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