The Best Foreplay You're Not Having

braWhether or not you're getting what you want in bed has a lot to do with communication, sure, but there are also plenty of erogenous zones on our bodies that we don't even give the credit they deserve! For instance, consider breasts. Most women love having their breasts played with before or during sex, but unless you have a guy who is a card-carrying "boob man," they're probably rarely the center of the action. Sure, they get kissed, caressed, pinched a bit here and there, but usually, both parties turn the bulk of their attention to what's supposed to be the main attraction -- between the legs. As it turns out, that's a mistake on your guy's part ... and on ours -- because most women could really use more nipple stimulation

Science even proves it. Rutgers University researchers looked at non-preggers ladies between the ages of 23-56 and found, via brain scans, that nipple stimulation affects the same part of the brain as vaginal or clitoral stimulation. Niiiice!


Most of us know already that stimulating the nipples releases the hormone oxytocin, which is normally secreted during labor and causes the uterus to contract, so the researchers said they think maybe all of these effects are linked together in the brain -- and may also have a link to breastfeeding. And that's interesting, sure, but what's more, I think this is solid proof that breasts -- and nipples specifically -- deserve more lovin' between the sheets!

Think about it ... the G-spot orgasm has been a major source of fascination for some time, and sure, that's one sexy alternative to the clitoral O, but how about getting off strictly via your nipples? It has been done, and now we can see the scientific explanation as to how and why. And even if you don't feel like you have to add "breast orgasm" to your bedroom romp repertoire, it can't hurt to know that playing more with your boobsicles can help bring on a conventional climax!

Does this study make you want to pay more attention to your "girls"?


Image via Aaron Stidwell/Flickr

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