Pressuring Jennifer Aniston to Marry Is Wrong

jennifer aniston justin therouxJennifer Aniston has been spotted all over the place lately with boyfriend Justin Theroux! The two are currently in Hawaii on a vacay, celebrating friend Christine Taylor's b-day, along with her hubby Ben Stiller. And before that, they were trotting around in L.A. Before that, RING-gate! You know, when they were seen wearing matching rings, and everyone wanted to know WTH is that all about?! And ever since day one, the popular reaction to her new relaysh has been the usual, "Is this going to be another love FAIL for Jen? Or is she going to actually nail this one down?!"

There have even been blog posts in the form of letters to Jen, encouraging her to get a ring on it STAT. Like this is an emergency. Like somehow, if she doesn't rush Theroux down the aisle, she can kiss her dignity and hot stuff rep goodbye. She IS 42 years old, after all!! (And pssst. Have you heard ... DIVORCED?!)


Can you tell I'm slapping myself on the forehead right now?

This is where we are in the year 2011? Several decades after the women's movement, many MANY years after marriage became more about love and not some kind of pre-negotiated deal between two families and/or a matchmaker. Aren't we a wee bit past worrying about a woman being husband-less? Or are we afraid Jen's dad is going to miss out on a dowry? Or the clock will strike midnight, and she'll turn into an old maid cat lady?

It sounds nuts. Yet, all the tongues wagging about Jen's singledom are so patronizing. And yes, totally sexist. Hello, George Clooney is almost 10 years older than Jen, and was married and divorced, like Jen. Yet, no one ever says head-patting-ish things about him the way they talk about Jen. Like, "Poor George! Is he unlucky in love?! Why can't he find the right woman and SETTLE DOWN ALREADY?" Can you imagine! HA! 

Seems to me that by the time they're in their 40s, most women know who they are and what they need. If she's been divorced, re-married, widowed in the past, she has come to some kind of peace with that or is working on it. And she will know if it is the right time or the right thing for her to re-marry! And maybe, just maybe -- re-marriage is a non-issue. WHOA, crazy concept right there!

Clooney has said he'd never re-marry, and he hasn't. Jen has never made such a sweeping statement, but maybe she's not sure (would YOU be after what happened to her?!), or maybe she's just content with whatever she's got going on with Justin. And that's okay! She can be loved, adored, have romance, enjoy a fabulous trip to Hawaii with a man, and not have to push him to the altar. These two might even end up together for longer than she was with Brad sans Mr. and Mrs. titles! Who knows?

Marriage, but especially re-marriage isn't the only way to commit or the only path for every woman. So it's time to lay off Jen. I'm sure she -- and any woman who has ever sought true love -- can handle the details herself.

Why do you think everyone is so eager to see Jen -- or any woman -- get re-married?


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