View-Master Wedding Invitations Are Obnoxiously Awesome

view-masterI learned everything I know about weddings from Jeremy Grey and John Beckwith, the two hapless guys in the 2005 smash comedy Wedding Crashers. Having only been to three weddings myself (guess my friends and I are kinda late bloomers), I don't have that much first hand knowledge on the subject of grooms and brides. However! What I lack in personal experience, I make up for with unfounded, unshakable opinions about what is and isn't appropriate for your big day. Let's start with the invitations.

I like 'em fancy. I like 'em over the top. The more money you blow on them, the more I like you. And when (if?) the time comes for me to send out my wedding invitations, you best believe I will be dropping close to $5,500 on 200 customized nostalgic View-Master invitations with a personalized photo reel.


Because they.sound.awesome. And it's actually something you can get!

So. The invitation itself is like that old school View-Master kaleidoscope-type thing that looks like an old snorkel mask that you hold up to your eyes and look at the light, and press the little lever on the side that makes the slides go from one to the next. Except in your custom View-Master, the photos won't be of farm animals or some crap, they'll be of you and your fiance! For your dough, you get seven slides of high-res images with brief text, the View-Master itself, a nifty shipping box, and some other stuff that is less exciting.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking: "Are these View-Masters gold plated?! What's with the price tag?" Right. I know. I have no freaking clue why they're so unearthly expensive. But they're amazing! And I want them! And believe me, if I were super rich, like Bethenny Frankel rich, I'd do it. I'd order these View-Master wedding invitations, then I'd roll around in my money and dive in a pool full of gold coins.

It comes down to whatever makes the engaged couple happy and what does and doesn't fit their budget. I for one would be totally psyched to get this in the mail. I think the old saying goes something like love is in the air, and the View-Master.

If you could, would you send these out for your wedding or party invitations?

Photo via delirioverdeanaranjado/Flickr

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