Kris Humphries Says Kim Kardashian Isn't As Hot As ...

kim kardashian & kris humphriesKris Humphries and Kim Kardashian are getting mah-weed in a matter of weeks, but I wonder if Kim knows everything there is to know about her soon-to-be husband. During a leisurely stroll along one of L.A.'s gold plated streets, TMZ cameras caught up with the lovebirds and asked Kris if Kim was the most beautiful girl in the world.

Kris, all 9-foot-10 of him, casually turned to the cameraman and so effortlessly said ... "No." He explained that Kim's the second most beautiful girl in the world.

Did you feel that, too? I think the Earth just stopped moving for a second.

So who's Kris' numero uno?


His mom. His mother. His mama dukes. Awwww. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief now. I mean, what if he had said that Kourtney was hotter or, worse, Khloe? Oof. Bullet dodged there, Humphries ... good save with the "mom" answer.

While I'm relieved by the news, some are nervous that this doesn't bode well for Kim and Kris. Some say that it's creepy, that he shouldn't say his mom is more beautiful, that it's just weird. In fact, a poll on shows that 47 percent think it's creepy, 33 percent think it's cute, and 20 percent think something else entirely.

I may be a sucker for a tall glass of water with power moves in the paint, but I think Kris' response is totally cute. It doesn't prove that he's a mama's boy, it just shows that he's thinking about her and wants to give her some positive attention during this hectic time in their lives.

We all know that Kim's got an amazing support group in her family, that they're always together, and that they'll always be there for one another. It's probably hard for Kris to walk into a family like that, so I think this little shout-out to his mom is sweet and appropriate. He's going to need to stay close to his family lest the Kardashians swallow him whole, so any sign that he's in tune and in touch with his mom I think is a good one.

And our Kimmy of course is such a good sport and smiles through the whole thing. Love her!

Would you be upset if your fiance said his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world, and that you were second?

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