The Food & Sex Connection Men Need to Know About

A man who can slow roast his meat is way sexier than a man who spends most of his time beating it. And while there's nothing wrong with choking the chicken, sauteing, stir frying, and baking, it will get a guy a lot further with us women.

Admit it, a man who can roll us some sushi is more likely to roll around with us after we're done eating. Unless we can't even wait 'til we finish our food because men who cook are a total turn-on.


Here's why. 

A man who cooks is a pleaser, and I don't know a woman who doesn't want to be pleased. 

Watching a guy prep food for cooking shows a women that he knows how to use his hands. It also tells us that he pays attention to detail. Plus, if he exhibits patience as he dices and slices, think about how much time he can spend in the bedroom. A guy who can take it slow and make us a beautiful meal is going to be able to take his time building up to better sex too. Or, even if we want a quickie, he's more likely to have mad skills and impressive techniques. 

When a guy cooks for me, it shows he takes initiative. It tells me that he's a man of action in the kitchen, and that he doesn't think "cooking is women's work." And it says that he's an equal opportunity partner, one who's willing to share in various household tasks. If he cleans up afterwards, even bigger bonus.

A guy who can make imaginative salads that include aphrodisiac foods like figs, strawberries, and avocados gets even more points than one who uses the George Foreman Grill. In fact, grilling is fine once in a while, but a man who knows how to bake, batter, and better yet, make his own pasta is magnifique. 

Cooking for women can also get you laid. Not only is the man who cooks sexy, but if I'm already at his house for dinner, it's easier to stay at his house for a nightcap. And taking the time to make a meal requires more thought and planning than if you just take me out to dinner. Not to mention, it saves money too. Hey, it's worked for Spencer Walker, the author of Cook to Bang: The Lay Cook's Guide to Getting Laid.

For fun recipes that taste delicious and can turn us on, check out Intercourses: The Aphrodisiac Cookbook. And don't forget to double dip the tip in chocolate.

Are men who cook sexier?

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