Dying Bride Gets Her Wedding Wish

bride bouquetA terminally ill woman named Joanne Luti from Brookline, Massachusetts got everything she could ever wish for, thanks to the nonprofit organization, Wish Upon a Wedding. Luti married Joe Pitrowski at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, even though she has stage 4 lung cancer and previously battled breast cancer. Her story could be seen as heart-wrenching and tragic, but she actually seems like one of the most glowing newlyweds on the planet right now.

And although her groom swears Luti is the "happiest she's been since she was diagnosed," I can't help but think a difficult journey brought these two to this point. Don't get me wrong -- their story's incredible, completely inspirational, and makes me want to go find a box of Kleenex! But as much as we romanticize it (a la Nicholas Sparks novels), it's just got to be a heavy-duty decision to marry someone who is terminally ill. 


My boyfriend has a chronic disease that isn't fatal, but honestly, it can be difficult to deal with at times. When he was diagnosed, his mom said something to the extent of, "Do you still love him even though he will always have this health challenge?" My first reaction was, "What a crazy question!" Because OF COURSE I did and continue to. Him having this chronic health concern wouldn't change that. After his mom said that, the thought crossed my mind that some people in my position might walk away, because being with someone who is sick -- or geeze, dying, such as in this Massachusetts couple's case -- certainly makes things harder! But you make a conscious decision to go through it together, for better or worse.

If you love someone, you love them, and you do what feels right -- even if that's moving forward when you're not sure what the future brings. Heck, people get married all the time, and have no idea if their partner will get a cold the next week or have cancer in 10 years, God forbid. But you take the good with the bad, and you make whatever sacrifice you need to, because you love that person, and it feels right. To me, that's not romanticizing. It's actually being realistic.

What do you think about this couple's story?

Image via Briles Takes Pictures/Flickr

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