Your Mom Has a Better Sex Life Than You Do

older coupleI remember a bad joke that went something like this, "How do you get your girlfriend to stop having sex with you?" Answer: "Marry her." But have you heard the one about how to get your girlfriend to keep having sex with you? The joke, which I'm making up now, ends with the punchline: hang around for 25 years.

The findings, out of the Kinsey Institute, claim that women's sex lives get better with age. While sex takes a backseat to happiness for older men, and this may be a reflection of the strength of his erection, for women, the better we feel in our bodies, and in the bedroom, the more comfortable, and wild, we become. Kind of weird that your mom's sex life is better than yours. But let's not focus on that. What can we learn now so you can have better sex like the oldies?


Express yourself. As time goes by, we are able to talk more openly with our partners, making it easier to tell them how we like to get off. It's difficult to tell someone you don't really know exactly how he can make you feel good. It can come off as bossy. We're afraid they will lose their erection or that we may crush their egos. Whatever the reason for not telling him that his tongue in circles feels better than side to side, once we know our partner and we feel safe in the relationship, and he knows us too, it's way easier to focus on getting satisfaction. 

For guys, getting up there (in age) means his testosterone levels go down. That's why he gets more cuddly and another reason we can take our time to get off. Feelings of safety, security, and not being rushed are keys for women to feel sexy. Once he isn't about humping anything that moves, he's happy to make sure we get off first. 

But the biggest factor in women's sexual satisfaction is menopause. While I don't want to have to wait for this to set me free, it is true that when you aren't getting your period anymore, you don't have to worry about the accidental happy surprise. Period. When we're not worried about birth control, it seems we're more likely to take control. 

Has your sex life improved with age?

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