He IS Fantasizing About Your Best Friend & That's OK

If you have ever believed your man is checking out your best friend, it's probably because he is. Sorry to be blunt, ladies, but the fact is, men are going to look at attractive women, and if your friend is hot, then he is looking at her. But this doesn't have to be a bad thing.

According to a survey on AskMen.com, roughly 60 percent of men fantasize about their partner's friends. Some try not to or they are trying to stop, but more than half admit to doing it. Does this really surprise anyone?

The fact is, fantasizing isn't the same thing as cheating. If it were, wouldn't you be a cheater by now for all those thoughts about George Clooney? Let's at least be women and admit we may have possibly had a fantasy (or two or three) about his best friend, too.


Fantasies are healthy. They're what keep us from cheating or stepping out on our partner and hurting them far worse. Besides, who is the idiot who had the hot friend? Is that really your man's fault?

In all seriousness, it isn't a problem if you do two things:

1.) Be honest with yourself: Don't pretend like your man is immune. Accept that he looks at your friends and don't become a jealous ninny about it.

2.) Talk about it: Maybe what he sees in her is something he wishes he saw in you, too. Or it's something that is missing. It may not get him to stop, but it will at least open the lines of communication and maybe help both of you arrive at some kind of mutual understanding.

OK, so maybe you're way hotter than all your friends and this isn't a problem for you. But that's doubtful. To fantasize and to imagine is human. Be thankful he is keeping it a mere fantasy and feel free to have a few of your own.

Fantasy is what keeps the home fires burning.

Do you get mad if he looks at your friends?


Image via Rennett Stowe/Flickr

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