Your Guy Dumped You for Being Too Fat

couple runningI don't know when, I don't know how ... but at some point, it became acceptable for a guy to say he just wasn't into his woman anymore -- because she gained weight. A new poll of 70,000 Americans by proves it: Nearly half (48 percent) of men would dump their partner if she "gained too much weight." As if we women didn't already have enough to worry about! Now we're faced with a looming threat of, "Eat too many cookies? Miss a workout? Struggle to pare those pounds post-baby? You're toast, honey!!" By comparison, only 20 percent of women would break up with their guy if HE put on weight.

My problem with poll finding isn't only that it illustrates our delusional double standard regarding weight and relationships. But it's also deeply unnerving that the almost half of men who would break up with their woman for "getting too fat" obviously miss the point of a, oh, what's that word again ... ah, yes, PARTNERSHIP!


First, it bears noting that weight gain can be a direct result of getting comfortable in a relationship. You're all set with Mr. Right, get too cozy on the couch with one too many pints of Ben & Jerry's together and too few trips to the treadmill, and pretty soon, you're buying bigger jeans. It's not an excuse, but it's reality: "Love weight" is an all too common conundrum for many couples. And we alllll know that we're not alone with that. Men can get that seven months pregnant beer gut. Hot!

So, obviously, sexual attraction on both sides is a must in any relationship. But when it comes to actually caring about another person, you'd think these d-bag guys would be on board for potential physical changes/evolutions their partner may go through. Like extra weight, which can fluctuate over time, especially as we get older. I'm not sure where this 48 percent will find a woman who will never face the challenge of paring a few extra pounds? (Even the slimmest woman with the best genes ever probably has to face a little extra tummy flab either postpartum or as she reaches middle-age!)

Furthermore, you'd think a guy would be mature enough to not throw in the towel if his partner is clearly struggling to stay fit. I wonder if instead of just saying "Hit the bricks!" to their woman, they could at least try to support and motivate their partner by encouraging a healthier shared lifestyle? You know, like maybe suggesting cooking healthier meals together? Going for walks, going to the gym, seeing a nutritionist, quitting the buffalo wings and beer addiction, getting hormone tests to fix imbalances, etc.?

Keeping the relationship healthy and hot shouldn't NEVER be one partner's (ahem, the woman's) job. Staying fit and attractive to your partner isn't just a DIY responsibility. I really believe it's about teamwork. But clearly, half of the men who took that poll need have some growing up to do before they realize that.

What do you think about this poll's finding? Do you and your partner motivate one another to stay in shape?


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