The Place Men Are Most Likely to Cheat Will Surprise You

Do these women want your man?
If you think your man is more likely to cheat at a bachelor party than anywhere else, think again. It's actually the wedding where your man is most likely to stray, especially if you aren't there. And after my wedding 8.5 years ago, I believe it.

The news comes after surveyed 2,000 cheating men and found that one third of them had cheated at a wedding where they had gone solo. So if you have ever sent your man to a friend's wedding alone, just hope he didn't do more than you know!




Here are the places men are most likely to cheat:

  • Wedding: 32 percent
  • Bachelor party: 27 percent
  • Office Christmas party: 21 percent
  • School reunion: 9 percent

Meanwhile, women thought their partner was most likely to cheat at these places:

  • Office Christmas party: 37 percent
  • Bachelor party: 35 percent
  • School reunion: 17 percent
  • Wedding: 11 percent

So, ladies, your men have picked the perfect place to cheat! It's the place you would never suspect. Grrr ... it makes sense, right? Weddings are the perfect pick-up place. People are in from out of town, they get close fast, drink together all night, and celebrate love.

So what is the answer? Here's what: Don't let your man go alone to a wedding! Seriously. Even if you totally trust your man, like I do. At my own wedding, there were more illicit hookups than one can even imagine. Though I won't reveal names, I wasn't all that thrilled with most of them.

Remove the temptation. Trust me on this. Get on that plane with your hubs or both of you stay home. You will be happy you did!

Would you let your man go to a wedding alone?

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