New Mom Lauryn Hill Tweets the Truth About Her Ex

Lauryn HillWhen The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill dropped into my life, I was in college, pushing a little Honda Civic. That album was the soundtrack for any trip in that car — to New York, to the grocery store, to an off-campus party. It was built, alas, on Lauryn’s gamut of feelings after suffering through a foul relationship with the wrong guy.  

At the same time, I guess I have to be kind of thankful because without him and his stupid shenanigans, we’d never have “I Used to Love Him” or “Ex-Factor.” Lord knows those songs got me through some perplexing man periods of my own.

Now as she celebrates the birth of her sixth child — sixth! — she’s struggling through yet another sucky breakup, this one with Rohan Marley who, if you read betwixt the lines of recent statements, is not the daddy of this new baby boy bundle of joy. True to self, she tweeted a message that, in her characteristic roundabout way, said the same.


Whatever. Selfish Lauryn fan that I am, I just wish this split would produce a follow-up Miseducation-caliber album. But I doubt it. That Marley dude has made her certifiably bonkers.
Even though they apparently were never married in the official ‘til-death-do-us-part kind of way, Marley and Ms. Hill have had five kids together and claimed a spiritual connection. I mean, I guess somebody is almost bound to have a freakin’ spiritual connection with a person they laid down and co-created five little human beings with. It’s not like buying a rental property together.

Rumors have been flying for years that the relationship was not a good one, that the man that Lauryn loved was once again not good for her.

I don’t know how he managed to do it, but he tapped into her weaknesses to completely change her demeanor. Maybe she allowed herself to be changed, I’m not sure. I’m just a chick watching from the sidelines. All I know is when a woman who was previously so vibrant and gifted crumbles into a sobbing, weeping mess during her own stage performance, that’s not normal. That’s just awkward.
A creative person can sometimes turn a personal heartbreak into something beautiful that speaks to other people, and that’s what Lauryn did with her first solo project away from the man who was the source of her angst back then (yeah you, Wyclef!) Miseducation had a little bit of everything: uptempo sing along songs, hand-me-a-Kleenex ballads, tracks that encompassed any kind of emotion you could ever feel about a member of the opposite sex.

Any music lover can tell you how powerful a song or collection or even video has been to them, especially if it happens to come out at just in time to speak to a particular life event. Lauryn’s magnum opus was released in 1998, the same year my now-Tween Princess was born. At the time, I was flim-flamming with her father, who rode the fence for as long as he possibly could between being a footloose and fancy-free teenager and a family man with an obligation to his brand spankin’ new baby girl and the girlfriend who’d birthed her (that’d be me).

Yeah, that didn’t go so well. Hence, it was a rare occasion indeed when that Miseducation of Lauryn Hill disc left my CD player.

Over those 14 tracks, I learned that you can’t make somebody love you, irresistible as you may be in theory. I mean, if fabulous, gorgeous, Grammy Award-winning Lauryn freakin’ Hill was having issues in her love life, it made me feel like just a little less of a loser for having so many in mine.

But I finally had to let my soured love affair go, and she will too. Cuz this one just ain’t healthy for her, five, six kids or not.

What song or album spoke to you during a really bad breakup? What are you warning signs that it’s time to let a relationship go?

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