Is 4,600 Sexual Partners Too Many?

shannon tweed and gene simmonsIf you give two craps about Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, you know that the KISS singer proposed to his girlfriend of 900 years "last night" in a well-crafted season cliffhanger of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. (In case you didn't see it, the reason I say "cliffhanger" is because Shannon "hasn't yet answered.") If you don't give two craps about the couple, well, you've probably heard about the proposal, also, because the two of them have been promoting themselves to Kardashian-like proportions these days.

To be totally forthcoming, I really couldn't care less if Shannon and Gene get married, break up, whatever. But his proposal got me wondering: Should your partner's past really matter?

('Cause, you know, he's slept with 4,600 women and all.)


Speaking strictly regarding sexual past and relationship history, my short answer is yes. My less short answer is yes, sort of.

If your partner has been with over, oh, say, 100 people, I'd say it's some cause for concern, because that person clearly has a propensity towards sleeping around. (I seriously doubt he or she has been in over 100 monogamous relationships.) And the way I look at it, chances are, they'll sleep around on you, too.

When it comes to other things in our significant other's past -- things like who they've dated and who they've hooked up with -- it gets a little trickier. See, he or she wasn't with you (maybe they didn't even know you?) when they were doing whatever it was that they did. Unless it's something really egregious like, I don't know, taking a dip in Bestiality Lake, you really can't hold anything against them. That would be like a future partner of yours getting pissed at you for what you're doing right now. See what I'm saying? It has nothing to do with you.

So the next time you feel yourself starting to get riled up about that girl he slept with or that guy she dated, think about it this way: They weren't doing anything to hurt you. They just didn't know you yet. And if they did, that thing never would have happened.

Does your partner's past matter to you?


Image via A&E/Flickr

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