Crystal Harris Is Hugh Hefner's Worst Ex Ever

hugh hefnerAt this point, I'm not sure why anyone is giving Hugh Hefner's "runaway bride" Crystal Harris the time of day, but you know how Howard Stern just loves him some bobblehead blondes! She was on his show yesterday, and in typical Stern-style, he asked her about sex with Hefner. Crystal, who seems ever the attention whore, had no trouble elaborating. 

She said sex with Hugh lasted "like two seconds" and then she was "just over it ... I was like, 'Ahhhh.' I was over it, I just like, walked away. I'm not turned on by Hef, sorry." She also said the two of them only had sex one time, and he "doesn't really take off his clothes." Apparently, she never even saw her husband-to-be naked. Uh. Okay. She was going to sign up for a "lifetime" with a man she wasn't at all turned on by?? Brilliant.


And hilaaaarious! And I love that Hugh was primed with a comeback via Twitter: "Crystal did a crazy interview with Howard Stern today that didn’t have much to do with reality. Is she trying to impress a new boyfriend?" Seriously, Hef!

We know Crystal's full of it, but I also think what she did brings up a very interesting "teachable moment," if you will, for all of us ... about how it's absolutely abhorrent behavior to bash your ex's performance in bed. Oh, I know it's tempting! Especially if it was a nasty breakup. You want to hit him where it hurts, and we all know how fragile most men's egos are when it comes to their sexual prowess.

Sure, when I was on the market, I'd occasionally dish Sex and the City style with my friends on how a creepy hook-up behaved in bed. But to me, that kind of casual relationship didn't really warrant the level of post-breakup respect that, say, a bond with an ex-boyfriend or ex-fiance would. After you've been in that level of an intimate relationship, there are things that should just stay between the two of you. Even once you've called the whole thing off. To blab and disparage any sexual antics is not only tacky, but nine times out of ten, that kind of yap-flappin' only makes YOU look bad. Like you're hitting him below the belt (pun intended).

Crystal was going to marry Hef, and now she's making it like she was snickering at someone she considered a pathetic old man the whole time. So cruel. Spilling these "sex secrets," which I'm apt to believe are at least a slight twisting of the truth, doesn't do anything for her -- for her career, credibility, or likability. After doing everything ELSE she could to humiliate the guy, the least she could do is keep her mouth shut about what happened -- or didn't happen -- between the sheets.

Do you agree -- is it wrong to bash an ex's bedroom behavior post-breakup?

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