Shannon Tweed Doesn't Need the Cow When She Already Has the Milk

shannon tweed and gene simmonsGene Simmons, the bassist/vocalist for the band KISS, stars in the A&E reality show Family Jewels with his long-time and live-in girlfriend of 28 years, Shannon Tweed. The two have two children together, son Nick is 22 and daughter Sophie is 18. The show chronicles their life as a family, and this season has focused on the couple's therapy sessions as they work through Gene's revelation that he's slept with thousands of women. Yikes.

The couple has famously stated that they're happily unmarried, but it seems that their relationship has been on the rocks recently. Just last month, Shannon said that their relationship had "pretty much unraveled."

The demise of their nearly 30-year bond seemed sudden, but we now may have the reason behind the potential split: Gene proposed to Shannon a few months ago.


Isn't there an old saying that goes: If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it?

Tweed told People that she's moved out of the house and there's a slim chance they're going to get back together. This family is notorious for their over-the-top drama, so maybe this is all an attempt to drum up publicity for the finale of their reality show, which happens to air tonight. Oh, and the proposal is part of the finale: Gene gets down on one knee in Belize and asks Shannon to be his wife.

That fateful kneel in Belize might have been the beginning of the end. If these two have stayed together for so long, and had been through so so much (aka 4,000+ lady friends), I think it's entirely possible that the idea of "making it official" caused enough stress and strain that they just crumbled.

So maybe some couples aren't meant to marry, and when they shun the dating gods with a proposal, they're struck down with a lightning bolt of separation. Marrying after decades of being happy "domestic partners" doesn't make too much sense to me -- it'd be like me trying to repair my computer to see if I could do a better assembly job than Dell. Pretty sure it just ruins everything.

Would you want to get married after 28 years of dating, or would you leave it well enough alone?

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