Proof You Should Never Have Sex in a Public Pool

poolThere's a time and a place for sex, or at least a time and place not to have sex. But apparently Indiana reserve police officer Myron Helms didn't get that memo when he decided to have sex in the local pool with his lady friend Victoria Cross. In front of other people, and other people's children.

This is just wrong. On so many levels.

Before I get into it, I understand it was hot and the mood struck. They probably thought no one could see or maybe wouldn't look at what they were doing. But are they stupid? Were they on drugs? Caught up in the passion of the moment?

When heads are bopping in the water, or when you're stuck on each other like leeches at a skin party, it's pretty obvious that you're dancing the horizontal mambo, even in a vertical position. And they were in public, at a community pool. Community = other people around. And he is a police officer!!


Public sex is illegal, yes, and totally rude when you're screwing in water that other people are swimming in. When the pool manager broke the two apart (it took 30 minutes before she asked them to stop, but parents began taking their own precautions long before that), she noticed his erection floating in the middle of the family aquatic center. 

Double gross. Then the two of them were arrested on indecency charges and the pool was cleared out, the water recycled, and chemicals replaced.

Sucks for those families just looking to stay cool and not looking to have to explain the birds and the bees to their children.

There's a time and a place for sex in a pool, and that's only if it's your own pool, outside your own house. If you have the urge to do it in public, then find a more private place. Like the back row of a movie theater showing a really bad film, or on top of a mountain after a hard hike. Do it in your own backyard, or at a concert that didn't sell out (and you have your own section). But the community pool? That may be wet and wild, but it's also whacked out. 

Would you have sex in public? Where?


Image via slava/flickr

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