Kat Von D Still Respects Her Loser Ex-Fiance

kat von dIt must be D-list celebrity breakup week. Kat von D and Jesse James are today's reality TV show pair calling off their engagement. Who didn't see this one coming? I know, yaaaawn. And what makes it even more snore-worthy is that it doesn't seem like there was any Sandra Bullock-level drama. Just a tweet from Kat that she's no longer with Jesse, and "out of respect for him, that's all the info" she wants to share. Jesse alluded to the problem being "distance." Boooooorrrrrrring.

So all we can do is speculate what went down. My hope is that she saw the light. That she realized she would be dodging a bullet by getting out of that relaysh ASAP. Because, plain and simple, Jesse James isn't just a "bad boy" in the classic, sexy way we think of men who are tattooed, ride motorcycles, and have a high libido. He's a downright bad guy. He's toxic!


Maybe Kat von D is one of those women who thought she could change Jesse, but ladies, no -- we must learn once and for all that we can NEVER change a bad guy.

I see it happen again and again to some of the best of us. Who cares that the guy seems like he's only into hooking up without strings? Who cares that he cheated on his live-in girlfriend or wife? If it was with US, we think we'll be the one to change him forever. What a joke. When will we learn? Once a player, always a player; once a jerk, always a jerk.

Yes, people can change. But do guys like Jesse James change? More often than not, NO. I know more than one woman who has fallen for a guy who was cheating on his wife with her. Both women thought they could change the guy, and instead, he just ended up cheating again. How can we possibly be surprised by this? In cases like this, I hate to say it, but it's really the woman's fault. You can't think you're going to be the exception. You just end up playing the fool.

Kat von D may have felt like she was the "luckiest girl in the world," but there's almost no doubt -- if she had stayed with Jesse, she would have been the most miserable. (Just ask Sandra.)

Have you ever thought you'd be the one to "change" a bad guy?


Image via TLC

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