Pippa Middleton Caught Making BIG Relationship Mistake

pippa middleton alex loundonGiven that there's an entire society of people devoted to her rear end, you'd think Pippa Middleton would feel as though she's on top of the world. But it sounds like all that attention following the royal wedding did a stressful number on our poor gal -- and her relationship with boyfriend Alex Loundon. The couple reportedly came under "huge strain" following Pippa's sister's nuptials, and they've "struggled" ever since.

Maybe he couldn't take the heat from all those rumors that Pippa was hooking up with Harry? Who knows! Whatever the case, Pippa and Alex reportedly need some alone time, so they're going on a romantic getaway to the private Caribbean island Mustique later this month, with hopes that the rendezvous will "get them back on track."


I guess I can see why they would think an awesome vacation like that would be the answer to all of their relationship woes. Especially because Kate and Wills even did the same thing when their relationship hit the rocks in 2007.

But I'm just not sure that a romantic, perfect vacation in a practically magical, isolated locale is all you need to smooth over strain on the relationship caused by day-to-day stress. Sure, it offers an amazing opportunity to spend some time alone, just one-on-one, getting more intimate emotionally, mentally, and physically, reacquainting yourselves with hot sex, etc. You might even feel AMAZING about your relationship upon your return to Real Life. But will that be enough for you to hold up once the pressures of the daily grind come back in full-force?

Maybe a romantic getaway really does "fix" some couples' issues, but I know that, for my boyfriend and me, a lot of our road bumps are from work, money, and health concerns. When we go away, we get a break from the work stress and the health stress (if we're lucky), and about 75 percent of the money stress. And that's a welcome reprieve, don't get me wrong! But if we didn't know how to handle those things on a regular basis, back at home on an average Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., we'd be screwed! Not to mention that most of us can't just hop a private jet (or even British Airways) to a tropical island every time the relationship waters get a bit rough.

As for Pippa and Alex, I really do hope Mustique helps them smooth things over and/or reignite the spark. There's even a possibility they end up getting engaged! (Royal Wedding, the Sequel anyone?!) I just hope they realize running away on a trip like this is a short-term fix at best to what sounds like potentially long-term, everyday issues.

Do you think "romantic getaways" can fix a relationship?


Image via Martin Karius/Splash News

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