Captain America Can Be My First Avenger Anytime

superhero man on beachCaptain America has officially begun wielding his shield in The First Avenger, and from the looks of it (and the over four million dollars raked in on the first night alone), there's no doubt that superheroes (and superhero movies) are blowing up the box office.

And while I know superheroes are not real, at least not the kind who weave webs, fly, or wear suits of iron, still, it's fun to think about the sex appeal of these handsome hunks of fiction. Lets talk about the appeal of Captain America, and other comic book heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wolverine.


Superheroes wear uniforms and men in uniform not only look good, but they seem to take their jobs seriously. Just think of police officers, firefighters, and men in the military. When a man dons a uniform, it shows a devotion and commitment to his job. And the types of uniforms men wear generally look good on them. Plus, most male superheroes wear form-fitting fabrics, leaving little to the imagination, making their uniforms doubly hot. Captain sexy!

Superheroes are confident. Women want confident men, not the wishy-washy type who aren't sure if they should help the screaming woman out of the burning building. We want the man who flies right on up to the 36th floor, swoops her in his arms, and brings her safely to solid ground. (Bonus points if they can dodge bullets and time travel.)

Superheroes want to save the world. A superhero's mission is to eliminate evil and do good. And they can be bad boys while they do it (yes, lots of women like bad boys too). They can beat up evil creatures and kill to save the good people of the big metropolis. 

Superheroes are polite to little old ladies. They know to walk on the outside of the street and generally are well-behaved when it comes to treating all ladies right (except the bad, evil ones of course). 

Superheroes are men of mystery. Who are they when they're not all dressed up in masks and spandex? Where do they fly off to when they're not striving for world peace? A little mystery can go a long way, and that's one more reason that women love superheroes, or at least want to get with one.

Chris Evans who plays Captain America -- Mr. Steve Rogers if you wish -- is super hot, too.

Who do you think is the sexiest superhero?

Image via Split the Kipper/Flickr

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