The Sexiest Porn for Women Involves Fur

shirtless man and dogIt seems I'm having a hairy few days, although this post has nothing to do with the unsexiness of back hair. Instead the fur I'm talking about belongs to the kinds of animals that go woof. And it's not just the dogs, it's the dudes that give the tumblr Men and Their Dogs the double "aw" factor.

I've been trolling men and their dogs all morning, looking at guys in various states of undress, hanging around with dogs of various breeds. 

Really, I can't think of much that screams sexier than a man showing affection to a four-legged creature. Just look at Ryan Gosling and his pup. It's difficult not to love the man/dog combo, as long as you're not allergic to one or the other. And while this guy with his dog in bed is sweetly sexy, check out the others I found ....


Men on motorcycles are sexy, but this is downright bad ass.

man on motorcycle with dog

A man who gets down to his dog's level may be the type of man who knows how to communicate on any level.

man with dog

Strong and patriotic. Double whammy!

man with dressed up dog

What is he whispering into his dog's ear? Sweet nothings maybe?

man whispering to dog

Tiny dog. Big mohawk.

big man little dog

Don't  you agree?


Images via shankbone, TravOC, Alinka-Music, Tobyotter, Funkdooby, grafixer/Flickr

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