Marc Anthony & His Stewardess Deserve Each Other

Marc Anthony is one seriously lucky dude. He looks like the villain in some B-grade movie and yet still managed to land one of the most successful (and sexy) performers today. And yet he still felt the need to get funky with a stewardess on a private plane.

Could he be more of a cliche? We have already established that he could not handle his wife's success, But he also had to cheat on her? With a stewardess, no less? This is not to disparage all the moral flight attendants of the world who would never consider getting together with Skeletor's slightly uglier cousin just because he was JLo's husband. Certainly not every flight attendant is a marriage destroying harpy, but this one was.

And if JLo, with her amazing legs, luscious hair and perfect bum can be the victim of infidelity, what hope do the rest of us have?



Maybe Anthony's problem was his looks. As we all know, relationships where there is a major gap in looks often end in disaster and this is no different. Clearly Anthony had something to prove.

When Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods got it on with bimbos, we could at least accept that both are relatively attractive, sexy men. But Marc Anthony looks like a rotting corpse. Those dark circles and bony hands. It is enough to make me want to scream.

That stewardess wanted to join the mile high club with him for one reason. And it wasn't his good looks.

Fair or not, I have higher expectations of women than I do of men. Anthony may be dumb enough to cheat on his gorgeous, well paid wife, but what was this flight attendant thinking? She was trying to feel more attractive than JLo, something only an insecure woman would do.

The fact is, the two of them deserve each other. He is ugly inside and out and she is an insecure husband stealer. It's a match made in heaven.

Do you think Anthony was too ugly to cheat?


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