Leonardo DiCaprio Has a Commitment Issue No Woman Should Face

leonardo dicaprio irmelin My deepest apologies, fans of Blakeonardo, or the coupling of Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively. The way-too-good-looking pair's relationship is either O-V-E-R or suffering, and the trouble stems from Blake having recently met Leo's mama, Irmelin DiCaprio (pictured here, keeping an overbearing watchful eye on her son). Reportedly, Irmelin "couldn't stand" Blake and told her son that Blake was "far too up herself for him" -- translation: She came off like a self-absorbed brat. Supposedly Blake was nervous, she talked a lot. But all Irmelin heard supposedly was Blake yakking her pretty head off about Gossip Girl and how she's a Chanel model. Now, apparently, Irmelin's disapproval has turned Leo off of the relationship, and he says he "needs space." Whoopsie, Blake!

Whether or not the couple is actually splitsville, this incident or simply the fact that Leo does care so much about what his mother thinks should serve as a BIG red flag for Blake ... and any woman!


See, there's a reason the 36-year-old actor hasn't tied the knot, and sure, you might attribute it in part to him being one of the world's and Hollywood's most desirable, handsome men. Or the fact that he's just a "George Clooney-type" who doesn't have to give up his bachelorhood. Blah blah blah -- NO. I'll bet the truth is that he's a mama's boy through and through!

It's sweet when a guy has a really close relationship with his mom, values her opinions above all others, treats her with more respect than anyone else ... sure, aww, that's nice -- FOR TWO SECONDS! Until you're in love, and his mother is still his number one gal. Just think of Trey in Sex & the City ("Alrighty then, Bunny!"). During my dating career, I went out with enough mama's boys to realize that kind of behavior is just unacceptable, wrong, crazy, etc. A woman should not have to compete against her (future) mother-in-law for her man's loyalties. That's all there is to it.

No, Blake isn't Irmelin's daughter-in-law. But I'm sure she'd like to be. And sadly, I doubt that's going to happen if Leo's really as much of a mama's boy as he seems. How could he ever settle down and fully commit to another woman, if he's actually so reliant on his mother's opinions? He couldn't. No mama's boy can. Other women will always come second. Other women will always feel relegated to the back burner, overshadowed, or just frustrated that they're not good enough.

It's a pretty twisted, very strange commitaphobic handicap for a guy to have and an icky, sticky situation to be in as a woman. I'm not saying men shouldn't have a happy, healthy relationship with their moms, but one that's too close for comfort is nothing short of a MAJOR dysfunctional relationship roadblock that no good woman should have to navigate. 

Do you think mama's boys are bad news?


Image via B. Cool/Splash News

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