Co-Watching With Your Partner Is Ruining Your Relationship

movie theater popcornA new study of 2,000 adults asked men and women what kind of movies they like to watch, and you'll never guess what they found. Just kidding! You can totally guess what they discovered. Men like movies with nudity and car chases, and women like movies with romance and dancing. Who knew our stereotypes would shine through so brightly?

If women go for chick-flicks and men go for action/adventure, then what the hell are these blasted date nights all about? Let's just ban them already.


Deciding on where to eat for date night is one thing, but deciding on a movie is totally another. He likes French films, I don't. He likes subtitles, but I don't like to read my movies, sorry. He likes indie projects, I like anything with a big budget and a big star. The compromise is never pretty either, the discussion over text always ends in a frowny-face emoticon, and with the loser later slumped over in the their theater chair, waiting for the misery to end.

So why do we put ourselves through it? Now that there's research and evidence (as if we needed it) proving that men and women like different types of movies, let's just agree to disagree and buy tickets for separate flicks.

After a pleasant dinner, we can all walk into a theater, turn to our spouse, and say, "See you in the lobby in 120 minutes. Love you!" It would even help concession stands -- they'd sell two small popcorns instead of one large ... once they get wind of this, I bet AMC and Regal will start sending subliminal messages to couples telling them to see movies on their own, separately but equally.

And who knows, maybe a nationwide acceptance of putting an end to co-watching movies with our partners will see the divorce rate go down. Or at least happiness in marriages go up.

And we thought co-sleeping was the only co-danger we faced. Ha!

I'm all for putting an end to co-watching, are you?

Photo via naydeeah/Flickr

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