Weak Men Like Marc Anthony Can't Handle Strong Women

jennifer lopez and marc anthonyThe plot thickens. Details about the breakup of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony continue to emerge, and, in short, Marc Anthony seems like an insecure douche bag.

Apparently the 42-year-old Latin singer didn't like it when J.Lo. dressed sexy (how else do you want Queen Lo to dress?) and he absolutely loathed her status as a sex symbol. Supposedly, on one occasion, he even referred to a photo of hers as "too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-year-old mother of two." Sounds like a winner.

Despite the fact that controlling jerks like Anthony are flat-out unpleasant to be around, that's not my (biggest) problem with them.


My main problem is that they're walking contradictions. The reason Marc was initially attracted to Jennifer is because she's insanely hot. Because she's a sex symbol. I'm sure she's a beautiful person both inside and out, but it's laughable to say that her beauty and all-around sex appeal aren't what Marc first noticed.

If Jennifer was less showy, less ... J.Lo, if she dressed more like a "demure wife," which is apparently how he wanted her to dress, he wouldn't have initially been in to her. Sorry, but it's true.

Guys who try to control their wives or girlfriends -- especially what they wear -- have no business doing so period. This we know. But the ones who try to turn them into a completely different person than they were when they met should find a good therapist, because they have some serious issues.

And, of course, the most obvious thing of all about these guys is that they're painstakingly insecure. Some dime-store psychology for you: Men who don't want their significant others "looking sexy" (also known as "feeling good about themselves") are just scared they're going to be left for someone better. If they were confident in themselves and their relationship, they would want their wife to go out into the world looking her best -- because it makes her feel good.

And everybody knows nothing is sexier than confidence. Except for maybe Marc Anthony.

Do you think Marc was out of line, trying to control Jennifer's wardrobe?


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