The One Neanderthal Quality We Actually Want Guys to Have

hairy man festivalWhen I flip through magazines, all I see are hairless men. I don't understand why bald bodies are all the rage. For me, when it comes to men, I like most hair. I love beards and chest hair. But on the back, less is more.

Though when it comes to hair down below, I do like some light manscaping, but only enough so that I don't have to weed through his jungle. 

Up until pornography and glossy magazines started waxing and shaving our men (and women of course), society seemed to like hair. But now, not so much. A poll showed that mature women prefer hairy men, but younger women like less hair. Do women under 45 like man hair too? I conducted my own informal survey to find out the buzz on his fuzz.  


For most women I spoke to (with exceptions of course), chest hair is hot, back hair is not. The natural hair sweater look, that's forever debatable.

Shaved or trimmed pubes are more acceptable than hair you have to wade through to find the buried treasure. Hairless one-eye wonders work for some women, but not all of us. And while I have yet to meet a man with this particular hairline, hair on the back of the shaft is not super sexy. 

The treasure trail from the belly button down, that's a gold mine of hairy-licious love.

On his head, if he's got a full head of hair, flaunt it. If it's disappearing rapidly and seems to be making some odd crop-circle like pattern on the top of his head, it may be time to shave it off. A beard, moustache, and/or goatee works well on a man who knows how to work it. 

Hair that sticks out of his nose or ears, that has to go. I was told that armpit hair that flaps in the wind should be trimmed. (I was told this by another man. I disagree, I love lots of hair in the pits.)

Hair on the legs and arms, unless you take the speed in which you swim seriously, leave it as is.

The bottom line: his personality seals the deal on hair. If he wears it well, with confidence and sex appeal, he can pretty much wear it anywhere. 

Where do you love man hair? Or do you not love it at all?

Image via JD Hancock/Flickr

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