Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Make Worst Decision After Separation

j. lo and marc anthonyJ. Lo and Marc Anthony are divorcing, but that won't stop them from working together. We already know that their joint clothing line for Kohl's is moving forward as planned, but there's another J. Lo and Marc project in the works that they've also decided to keep going forward with. And it's so awkward. I could never, would never do this with my ex.

Let me ask you this: If you separated from your husband in July, would you think it'd be a good idea to work side-by-side together on a reality show? J. Lo and Marc have no problem with it.


The former couple will be starring in the planned reality show, Q'Viva, which is designed to discover the next big Latin American star. The show, which is reportedly a celebration of Latin American music, artistry, and dance, is designed to find the greatest Latin American talent ever. And J. Lo and Marc have already filmed the portion of the show where they're searching for the talent, but the judging and live shows will be filmed this fall.

This should be interesting.

I feel like the tag line for the show should be: "Watch as soon-to-be-divorcees J. Lo and Marc Anthony passive aggressively fight their way through Latin America on what might be the world's most awkward road trip ever. Oh, and there'll be some singing and dancing, too."

I think a healthy, friendly divorce or separation is one thing, but for some reason, this show just seems too much too soon. It doesn't give them time to heal separately -- don't you think they need some time apart before they start working and filming together again?

I have a feeling that either J. Lo or Marc Anthony will back out. They can't go through with this, can they? They'll be judging together -- and you just know that when one loves one contestant, the other might disagree, and then it's personal, and then next thing you know J. Lo slaps Marc and the screen goes blank.

Do you think it's a good idea?

WATCH the trailer of J. Lo and Marc's show, Q'Viva: The Chosen Ones:

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