Bride Paralyzed by Friend Will Finally 'Walk' Down the Aisle

brideRemember Rachelle Friedman, that poor, poor woman who was paralyzed from the waist down after her bridesmaid jokingly pushed her into a pool at her bachelorette party last year? Well, there's (finally) some good news regarding her: She's getting married!

Originally, Rachelle, who worked as a dance and aerobics instructor before the accident, and her fiance couldn't get married because their combined income would cause her to lose her Medicaid benefits. But now, after an inpouring of charitable donations and a year of physical therapy, she's set to tie the knot on Friday -- in her original dress!


Rachelle, who remains in a wheelchair, will be pushed down the aisle by her father, and after the reception, she and her new husband will be whisked off to Fiji for their honeymoon, compliments of 1-800-REGISTRY.

I mean, wow! Wowwowwowwow! I am so happy for Rachelle, her husband-to-be, and their amazing, unbreakable love. But mainly I am in complete and total awe of her perseverance and inspiring positive attitude. Rachelle plays wheelchair rugby, uses a handcycle to go "biking" with her fiance, and never blamed her bridesmaids for a single minute. In fact, she refuses to even refer to the accident as a "prank," because that would "imply some devious intent."

Oh, and after the wedding, Rachelle, a die-hard Beatles fan, plans on getting a peace sign tattooed on her neck, marking the injury, with the words "Let It Be" underneath.

It's to symbolize she's "at peace with it."


How unbelievably awesome is Rachelle, and how stoked are you that her wedding is this Friday?


Image via 1la/Flickr

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