Avoid Acting Like Marc Anthony Post-Breakup

jennifer lopez marc anthonyJennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are throwing in the towel after seven years, and we're all really sad about it, because you know, there are two little kids involved, and it's just kind a bummer that with SIX marriages between 'em (including their own), these two couldn't make it work. But it sounds like Marc's not having a particularly difficult time moving on. At least not on the surface. While performing at Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park in Bogota, Colombia this weekend, he joked to fans, "They're saying I'm single!" He also flirted with women in the audience, blowing kisses and pointing out one woman who he called "Mamacita" or "Hot Mama," according to People.

Sure, it could all be a gimmick, a shtick, he's a performer, yada yada, but it really doesn't sound like he's taking the breakup all that hard.


And maybe it has something to do with the fact that I think he's kind of a slimeball -- I really do believe he's as controlling as the tabloids make him out to be -- but I wouldn't be surprised if he's already moved on from J. Lo and their family.

If it's been over between these two for some time, and we've only just now learned about it, I guess I could understand. That seems to be the case with some couples. The relationship has really been broken down for a long time, but the breakup just makes it official. I have a friend who said she went through one of the most drawn-out, long-distance breakups ever, and within something like a WEEK post-split, she was seeing her now live-in boyfriend of four-ish years. In that case, I totally get it. She had been over the other guy for so long, it didn't really seem like they had only been broken up a matter of days when she met her now-honey.  

But if it really is a situation where there hasn't been much time for either party to digest the breakup, well, alone time is in order -- out of respect for your ex and even as a favor to yourself! Serial monogamy and rebound relationships drive me nuts, because I think there's something to be said for regrouping and getting to know yourself again, instead of lilypadding from one relationship to the next, which seems emotionally and mentally unhealthy.

When it comes to Marc and J.Lo, though, it feels almost worthless at this point to think either of them would listen to down-to-earth advice about moving on. They both seem like self-involved people who will do whatever they want, screw the consequences. But I'll bet at the very least, they have to care about what's best for their twins -- the reason they claim to have broken it off! So if only for the kids' sake, it seems they'd both do well to spend time as singles, reassessing what they really want and need -- instead of jumping the gun and hitting the Hollywood dating scene ASAP.

How soon do you think is too soon to move on post-breakup? What advice would you give these two?


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