How to Make Foreplay Even More Productive (PHOTOS)

sample art love is art kitA guy I once knew told me that he and his girlfriend used art as foreplay. They'd grab markers and write all over one another's naked bodies. Funny messages, drawings, arrows pointing this way and that. I admit, it was a foreign concept to a girl who usually gets turned on by getting squeaky clean in a warm shower complete with lots of SOAP. (I'm a crazy Virgo, okay?!) But for some reason, the creative aspect made getting messy sounded really HOT.

Well, it seems more than one person has thought along these lines, because there's a sexy new kit for couples called Love Is Art. Actually, you don't have to be gifted with a canvas at all; you just have to be willing to let loose.

Here's the deal ... An abstract artist from South Africa named Jeremy Brown had been "making paintings during intimacy" for over a decade, when a friend of his saw one of his pieces and asked if he would give her all the tools she'd need to make the same artwork with her husband on their anniversary.


So Brown threw together a small package with directions and materials, including a non-allergenic cotton canvas and non-toxic, washable paint (you gotta appreciate that -- who likes itchies or harsh scrubbing after sex?!), which now, today, is the Love Is Art kit. For $60, couples can buy everything they need to create a "one of a kind abstract painting that represents that special moment."

Brown's theory: "Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open does love. Love is art." What's not to love?!

Heh heh heh. You know what else is kind of awesome? When your in-laws come to visit and see your new funky art, you could just say you were just "messing around" having "a Jackson Pollock moment." But you and your honey know how and why the painting really came about. It could be your sexy secret. 

Here's what the kit itself looks like ...

love is art kit

Would you try the Love is Art kit with your partner?


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