Klondike Commercial Proves Bad Marriages Way Too Common (VIDEO)

Did you know that men hate to listen to their wives? Did you also know that women only talk about inane things like what color to paint the foyer? If either of these "facts" comes as a surprise to you, then you clearly aren't working for Klondike, the ice cream company that forced a man to (gasp!) listen to his wife for five seconds in order to get a bar. 

Now, obviously, the Klondike commercial is a joke (and a sexist one at that), but the premise comes from somewhere, some inherent truth the company seems to think exists in the relationship between men and women. The sad truth is, for many, it's real.

See the video below:


Unfortunately, so many people are stuck in loveless, bad marriages that this commercial likely strikes a chord. They find it hilarious.

For me, it's depressing. Too many people believe that marriage inevitably has to slide into suck. It doesn't. And if it does, why not just leave?

Life is too darn short to stay in something that makes you unhappy and miserable. To some, this might be funny. It might even seem true. But those of us in happy marriages know it's actually just depressing. If my man ever struggled to listen to me for five seconds, I would push him out the door.

Marriage is supposed to be about love and respect, not mutual tolerance.

Does this commercial depress you?


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