Marriages Might Last If There Were Rewards

Most of us who have been married for any period of time are familiar with the fight over the chores. Women very often feel like their husbands do not participate as fully as they should in the day to day running of the house. Now, there is a solution.

Australian Today host Karl Stefanovic suggests that married couples use an incentive program, for the man, not unlike airlines frequent flyer programs. He would get "points" for doing dishes, cleaning the floors, mopping the bathroom and they can be exchanged for a "trip to Thailand with his mates" or a "Sunday at the pub." Stefanovic thinks that women shouldn't "expect something for nothing."

Yeah. Because that makes sense. And just what do women get in return?


Here's an idea: Let's do chores because it is all part of the household maintenance! But if that does not work for the man, then by all means, I want some incentives, too.

Every 10 times I give the kids a bath -- a task that usually ends with me soaked and someone screaming -- I want to get a pair of Frye boots. I love Frye boots and I think that they would make such indignities well worth my time.

When I do the dishes -- usually at least three times a day --  I want to choose the shows that night. Forget ESPN, honey! We are watching The Bachelor reunion special! It is only four hours long.

For baby rocking, I want a yoga retreat weekend with the girls. For mopping I want some new Lululemon Groove Pants. If I scoop that nasty cat box, I expect at least one tasting menu at a 5-star restaurant per scooped turd. When I walk the dog, I am owed one fabulous beach vacation.

How does all this sound? If you think it sounds selfish and outrageous, that's because IT IS. Families do the work and they grin and bear it. There are no sick days or frequent flyer miles. The rewards are hard to come by, but when they do come -- a smile from the kids, a big hug, good sex at the end of a long day -- you will be happy you were a good hubby just because you should be.

Do you think husbands deserve rewards?


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