Chaperoning Your Spouse Is Never A Good Idea

megan fox brian austin greenI don't really get the appeal of Megan Fox, but that's probably because I don't have a penis. The guys seem to really love her though, that's for sure. Shia LaBeouf, her Transformers co-star, spilled recently that they hooked up while on set, and I'm sure Megan's husband David Silver Brian Austin Green was none to pleased to hear about that.

Maybe that's why he's been trailing Megan around like a dying cat with kidney cancer just trying to get some attention and show his undying affection before he inevitably is relegated to to die alone under the neighbor's porch.

But enough is enough.


Brian needs to grow a pair. He's been spotted escorting her on the set of her latest movie The Dictator, and at the airport, and just basically he's in every shot of Megan that you'll look for on the Internet. He's like that Travelocity troll. Everywhere.

I don't think it's attractive in the least when a man gets clingy. I don't know if Brian is trying to be her chaperon so she doesn't cheat on him, or if he just wants to show that she's "his", or if he's got nothing better to do (what? no 90210 reunions to prep for?) but he needs to chill back.

A clingy man is a sad, sad man. Trailing me around is probably the fastest way to let me know that you're super co-dependent and a big loser. This isn't to say I don't like attention or I only like guys who don't like me or who are unavailable -- no! Not the case. I just don't need a shadow. And I doubt Megan does either.

She's one of the hottest women in Hollywood and as soon as she realizes she's made a big mistake marrying David Sil sorry! Brian Austin Green, and as soon as she's all, why is this dude following my every move, she's going to be outta there.

What are your thoughts on clingy men?

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