Brad & Angelina Planning a Wedding, But They Shouldn't

brad pitt & angelina jolieThe rumor mill is churning out some beautiful butter today friends: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are supposedly getting married within the next few months. They've been dating for six years (where does the time go?) and already have six kids -- sources say they're ready to "make it official" with an informal and intimate ceremony, possibly on their French estate.

The celebrity-photo-obsessive inside of me is freaking out -- I can't WAIT to see some of their wedding pics and read every detail about their nuptials right down to what Shiloh decides to wear (a suit? a dress? I kid) -- but the romantic inside of me is a little bit upset. I know, I know, romantics are supposed to love weddings, but not me. I love dating. Brangelina was setting such a good example for committed couples who don't want to tie the knot, and now they're about to ruin everything.


It's in situations like these that I wish I had a million dollars. I'd rent a plane to sky write above each of their houses: DOOOON'T DOOOO IT. I don't know. Maybe I'd use fewer "Os" but I'm not sure. I want to make it seem like I'm yelling from a cave, but I also don't want the "Os" to get blown around in the wind, making it difficult to read. (Are these the kind of problems rich people have to deal with?)

Anyway, I've always admired Hollywood couples who stay together and don't get married. While I'm "Team Aniston," I thought it was really cool of Brangelina to move through life like a unit, regardless of that piece of paper. I thought they set a good example for people like me who don't necessarily want to wed, but want a long-term, if not life-long, loving, and committed relationship.

But I guess Brad and Ange weren't rejecting marriage because they don't believe in the institution, but because they wanted to wait until it was legal for every couple to get hitched. And now that gay marriage has been legalized in some states, the two stars are ready to walk down that aisle. Glad to see they stick to their guns, but sad to see them succumb to the marriage pressure.

When Brad married Jen, it was a $1 million affair, and we all know how well that worked out. If Brad and Angie wed, I guess I still have Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in my corner.

Do you think Brad and Angelina should get married?

Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty

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