A Board Game to Help Your Love Life? Yes, Please!

monogamy board gameIf you've been in your relationship for a while and have kids, things might have cooled a bit in the bedroom. But there was once a time (hopefully) that you couldn't get enough of your partner even though now it seems like those butterflies have flown away and sex is like grunt work. 

So how can you recapture that spark without spending tons of money on sex toys, lingerie, and/or counseling? There's this board game -- Monogamy -- created by a married duo with kids who kept this little secret to keeping it hot between the sheets from us for far too long.


The creators, Richie and Jane, have two kids and one day realized their sex life was a little too cool for their liking. That's when they decided that they needed to turn off the TV and turn on each other. By playing games.

Monogamy is said to make your sex life hot -- the kind of hot when you first started dating hot. And while it's helped Richie and Jane's marriage, the bigger picture proves it's helped so many other relationships too. Couples' counselors even give it a thumbs up! And people in the UK have been playing for years. But don't worry about not knowing about it ... it's only now going to be released in the USA.

By focusing on intimacy and communication, you actually get to know your partner again. Questions about happiness, love, music, and fashion start the board rolling, and then ideas around sensuality and sexuality take things up a notch. The game also provides takeaways and extended work (for example, you're asked to find out your partner's favorite music and buy or make them a CD). I love that this makes it not only about the now, but about the next steps too.

The game also has questions like why your guy loves women's breasts, and if you think a nude Rembrandt or a Playboy centerfold is sexier. Its first goal: to get you to talk with your partner. Its second goal: to get you hot and bothered. Its ultimate goal: to bring you together. So much so, that to avoid the possibility of tears, it avoids questions like describe your best sexual experience ever. Just in case ...

You may have to erotic dance in one of your first moves, but you make up the rules to your ultimate game. The point is, this board game gets couples talking again. When you're in a relationship for a while, lots of couples stop asking their partners even conversational questions, like how are you. This game reminds you that if you keep sharing your thoughts and experimenting with your erotic side, you can still get closer and maintain love. 

Wouldn't it be nice if a board game could help bring you closer to your partner?

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