Kourtney Kardashian Pressured to Get Married by Mom (VIDEO)

kourtney kardashian keeping up with the kardashiansCeleb matriarch Kris Jenner seems to only want what's best for her daughters. As for Kourtney Kardashian, she has more than a few opinions about how her eldest daughter should live her life. Currently on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris has been digging into Kourtney to finally marry son Mason's father, Scott Disick. On last night's episode, Kris said, "What you're doing goes against everything I believe in. You grow up, you get married and you have babies. It's tradition."

Kourtney's reaction? "F*** your tradition." Wowzers!

There's no doubt that Kris is laying the pressure on Kourtney thicker than she ever did with sisters Kim and Khloe. Likely because Kourt has already bucked tradition by having a baby before marriage. Plus, she recently mentioned that she's thinking of having a second baby "out of wedlock." To Kris -- and surely, a lot of people -- that's a huge no-no.


Can't say I blame Kourtney, though, for telling her mother what she really thinks of "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby." In fact, I say more power to her! Team Kourtney all the way.

Of course, whether outwardly or subconsciously, we all want our mothers to approve of our actions. To love the guy we're sharing our lives with. And to be over-the-moon happy for us when we decide to or not to tie the knot ... especially in a case where it could seems like we put the cart before the horse by having a kiddo first.

It's normal to want your mom's okay in all different realms of your life, well into adulthood. Because you know she's one of the only people in the world  looking out for your best interest alone. But when it comes to the marriage question, maybe it's easier in some cases to just say, "To hell with what you think!" 

Only the couple knows what's best for them. No one should be making decisions about the relationship except for the two people in it. When it comes to relationship structures, it seems like the sky is the limit these days. You can get married, then have a brood. Or have a kid, and then get married. Or you can choose to live a perfectly happy life with your partner and with or without kids, sans marriage certificate. Society's not really judging anymore.

But, if she's anything like Kris Jenner (and minus the couture and reality TV show, I'll bet a lot of moms probably are), your mom is judging. It's only because she wants what's best for you -- and if they're a part of the picture, her grandkids. That said, it's possible to understand where she's coming from ... while standing your ground and making the decision about walking down the aisle that's right for you.

Here's a clip of Kris and Kourt duking it out on the topic.

What do you think about moms piling on the pressure to get married? How about when the possible bride-to-be is also an unmarried mom, like Kourtney?




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