Female-Centric Porn With Emotion Exists!

erika lust porn awardsWhen I'm asked to recommend good porn for women, I tend to think outside the bubble that is LA's breast-implanted silicone valley. Sure, there's decent, even good, porn made in the USA, and sure some women like the types of west-coast porn that is rampantly available and home-grown. Still, when it comes to the fresh female porn, with the exception of a few standouts like Femme Productions, most of what I like is not made in the USA.

Truth is, there's a lot of porn out there, and that makes finding the type of erotica that floats your particular boat even more challenging. But the good stuff is out there and the majority of my favorite porn directors make films with emotion, like Jennifer Lyon Bell. My favorite female directors hail from places in Europe and Australia, and they're making movies with actors that aren't regurgitated and recycled from the porn valley troth. So, who are they?


Erika Lust (pictured) is adorable and spunky and while one of her mediums is pornography, she considers herself first and foremost a filmmaker (not a pornographer). She is the founder of Lust Films of Barcelona and her latest film is three stories about life, love, and lust (that's also the name of the film). Where other directors show blow jobs and ejaculation, Lust says she shows "emotion and feelings." Her book, Good Porn, is a no-holds-barred and humorous look at what makes porn good, bad, and ugly. 

Anna Span is the UK's first feminist pornographer (in the United States that award could go to Candida Royalle, the creator of couple's erotica). Her company Easy on the Eyes Productions has won numerous awards including Indie porn pioneer and Best Adult Director. She now acquires the works of other female directors (under the "Women Love Porn" label). Last year she ran for Parliament on the liberal democratic ticket, but lost. Her movies show women in charge. She's my favorite director but one of the most difficult to find online. 

In certain Petra Joy films, there's a lot more left to the imagination. The German-born filmmaker, photographer, and journalist has a knack for making movies that focus on sensuality over sexuality. Her latest film, The Female Voyeur, has a lot of sex, and focuses on both female and male sexual interactions (with bisexual acts too). Still, no matter who's getting pleased, Joy sets her gaze on female pleasure. 

Anna Brownfield is an Australian filmmaker who focuses on movies about sex and crafting. When it comes to erotica, she's best known for her 2009 movie, The Band, about the inner workings of an up-and-coming rock band. Her latest movie has nothing to do with sex and is called Making It Handmade.

Would you be interested in watching more porn made by women, for women? What do you think is lacking in more porn films?

Erika Lust image via Caterina Barjau

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