Oral Sex Is Finally Legal!

oral sexEvery state has their crazy antiquated laws that haven't been reviewed since the 19th century or earlier. You could probably name some of your own state's wacky ones right now. But did you know that until recently, Louisiana outlawed oral sex and anal sex? Yup, any of you bad, dirty folks in the Bayou State who got it on Deep Throat or back door style were BREAKING THE LAW. And could have been at risk of being charged with a felony! Yeeesh. That is ... until now! Whew!

The legislation had been on the books since the early 1800s (even before Louisiana was a state!). And if you were found guilty of soliciting those naughty kinds of sex, aka "unnatural carnal copulation" (bahahahahaha), you'd be forced to register as a sex offender -- even having the label branded on your driver's license. Holy porno.


Oh, and FYI, it's obvious the law was racist and sexist (and likely homophobic!). Of those convicted of "the crime" in Louisiana, almost all of them are women and more than three-quarters of them have been black.

I for one am thrilled the southern state finally had a light bulb go off and realized that participating in consensual oral or anal sex shouldn't be considered a crime. It's called variety.

What do you think about the overturning of this law?

Image via Mark Mitchell/Flickr

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