'PS I Love You Letters' Most Romantic Gesture After You're Dead

ps i love you letterWhat if I told you I had a letter for you from your husband who died two years ago. Would you be thrilled? Freaked out? Maybe you'd throw garlic and holy water at me. Well there's a company based in San Diego called PS I Love You Letters that vows to deliver notes from the deceased to their living loved ones. No magic or tomfoolery involved, either. PS -- it's real.

Say you're ill. Or a first responder, or in the military, or just want to cover your bases in the event of your untimely death. You order a kit through PS I Love You Letters, register online, write your heart-felt letters, seal 'em, send them back to PS I Love You, and they'll store them until your predetermined send date.

Then it's all knock, knock, who's there, it's a letter from your dead spouse. Letter from my dead spouse who? HOLY WHAT?!


I can't decide where I come down on this. If I received a letter from my grandmother two years after her funeral, I don't know if I'd be freaked or totally excited. I'm thinking I might be annoyed and confused by the surprise. She died, I took some time to heal, then moved on. It would be very startling to receive a letter she wrote to me. I would think it would be too shocking, and I wouldn't be prepared for it ... would that make me enjoy the letter and the experience less?

I seriously cannot decide! I would be so touched that she thought of me, planned and wrote a letter for me, and shared with me her feelings, but I'd also be like dammit! I just accepted your death! And would be a ball of a sobbing mess on the floor all over again.

I guess it's OK to feel that way, though.

I suppose it would be different to get a letter from your dead husband or wife who had their life taken too soon. Maybe a PS I Love You letter would be a nice sense of closure. I can see these letters becoming a great tool for military families, and people with high risk jobs. In those cases receiving a letter from beyond might be very romantic, healing, and helpful.

I hear that sitting all day at a desk is going to kill me, so I might need to start my letter writing campaigns ASAP. Dear Mom, If you're reading this right now, you already know: I've died from sitting. Sorry about that. Shoud've gotten that treaddesk you recommended. Hugs, Lindsay. PS: I love you.

What do you think of the PS I Love You letters?

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