You Won't Believe What Men Really Want in Bed

cuddling hug me heart photoYour man may be a big faker. Sure he says he's not a cuddler, but he's lying.

That is, if you believe all the buzz that made the rounds about how guys thrive on TLC more than women.

I have a confession. When I read about studies like that, I hear myself saying "awww" out loud at work and smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. So obviously it's not just men who are the softies. It's me too.


Whether or not the research has some holes in it, it's good, positive stuff that gets at the heart of an important truth: Men and women have more in common than we think sometimes -- or are told to think. We're not from different planets, and we all need love to survive.

Sure, some people fit the gender stereotypes spot-on, and there are ways we are truly different. But when it comes to physical acts of affection, the walls come down. Who doesn't love those romantic embraces with a significant other? That kind of affirmation makes all of us happy.

So your man may be acting all macho with his brush-off of mushy things like snuggling and gentle kisses, but deep down, he thinks tenderness is even more important for the relationship than you do. And he's right: The same sex and relationship gurus also say those caresses are key for long-term bliss in coupledom.


Does your guy like cuddling even more than you do?


Image via jo-h / Flickr

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