Dying Bride Doesn't Stop This Groom's Love

bride flowersBrides who choose to get married despite facing a potentially terminal illness do not only exist in tragic Hollywood films and weepy chick lit a la Nicholas Sparks. One such bride, a 20-year-old named Beth Robson Townsendsuffers from an advanced case of Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that has wrecked her stomach, intestines, and bowels. Although she's about to have a highly experimental chemotherapy treatment that could cost her her life, she proposed to her true love, Ian Townsend. The two were wed just two days before Beth went into the hospital to be fitted for a chemotherapy line.

Though Beth is scared, she's accepted that she's "probably going to die," but the one thing she wanted to do was get married and be a wife

Beth and Ian (who really look like a younger, fresher version of Posh and Becks in their wedding photo) met last October through mutual friends while at a nightclub.


Even though Ian knew how unwell Beth was, the couple became inseparable. Ian proved he was a "star" by supporting her through scary health challenges. 

The couple have also had embryos frozen in the hope that they can use them for IVF as the treatment will destroy her fertility. But, as Ian says, only time will tell if this beautiful couple is able to have a future together.  

What do you think of Beth and Ian's story?

Image via Anthony Kelly/Flickr

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